We work hard to make pieces that will last forever.

Here are some instructions to take care of your garments in the best way:



✦   Hand-washing 

This the best method of cleaning an Alpaca garment.

The second best option is dry cleaning.


✦   Drying

Dry the garment in a flat position over a dry towel.


✦  Avoid Hanging

Don’t hang your alpaca/cotton garment to prevent stretching or distortion.


✦  Storage

Also, store your piece when is fully dry only. Fold it carefully and put it a paper bag, pillow case or cardboard box, do not use plastic or laundry garment bags.


 ✦  Prevention Care   

To prevent moths fill sachets with dried lavender, cinnamon or cedar chips. Then, place them in your closets, drawers, and boxes of off-season clothes.